Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SO IT BEGINS ... I've been blogging away in the dark here, dipping my toes in the water, but it's time to stop fooling around and jump right in. I'm thinking of the leap in terms of Joseph Conrad's Lord Jim, not Tarzan, but to each his own. Edgar Rice Burroughs got off a few good ones, too.
    I've got four novels out on Amazon, the Big A, now. I started with publishing offbeat, but sweet romances in May and have now shifted to horror, my real and undying love. Until my latest novel, Give It Back, got held up by the 2014 ABNA competition, I'd thought I was done. But when something you've written gets noticed, you work twice as hard to improve it. So it took me a while longer to get it out there. But I'm quite pleased with it in the end.
   I can write like a monkey, and people generally enjoy reading what I write. That monkey is also a literate little guy who won't be throwing the beauty of the English language out with the jungle bath water so he can make a couple of extra bananas. (The monkey does have a untoward fondness for mixed metaphors, though. But when the ape gets something wrong, he gets it wrong with FEELING, okay? There are worse muses.)
     Some years ago, I decided to stop writing. As a dispossessed reporter, I was depressed about the future of writing after living through the whole Conrad Black thing. I truly believed that the dumbing down of newspapers was only the start; that soon, people would no longer care to read books.
     I'm delighted I was wrong. I feel, in fact, like Lazarus.
     I have no real idea what I will write about in this blog on a regular basis. But I'd like to share something with people other than my occasional bad temper or weekly grocery list. Something useful. Unfortunately, like a lot of writers, I'm a jack-of-all-trades. It goes with the territory. And there are already so many excellent blogs out there that deal with writing. However, we shall see. Orchestrating a blog is no different than writing a book in the end. The important thing is to start.
     So while this first real blog is in honor of my latest book, it also marks a change in direction. What my second blog will be about is up to the gods. Hopefully, a prophetic dream will point me in the right direction.

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