Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How things work

     A goal of blogging once a week to start with didn't sound so bad. Not at first. Not until I got enthusiastic again, messing about with how things work. As a result of that deeply regretted enthusiasm, no one will be reading this second blog any time soon--not until I slog my way through the mud-deep horror of hooking my own domain up with this blog. I have, in fact, royally screwed things up.
     This is one of those hideous computer problems where you can't back out once you've gotten yourself in--it's the equivalent of being caught in a Sumatran man trap except for that I'm a woman and, most luckily, more or less flat-chested. As well, you have to wait 48 hours between tries to see if you've fixed the original problem so the bloody torture could go on for days. Days.
     I will blog on schedule today anyway, whether my words continue to disappear into a laughing black hole or not. But, like most people messing around with websites and such, with no help other than that of a disdainful teenager who stays watching vines in her bedroom WHEN I'M BEGGING YOU FOR HELP HERE YOU ROTTEN KID, I am bitter. I discovered the correct instructions for adding a domain shortly AFTER I balled everything up by following instructions that turned out to be years out of date. Because, of course, that is How Things Work.