Monday, September 29, 2014

Blood Tied IV rocks!

   Meet Luke Damien, a fast-talking, hard-rocking, music promoter who just happens to be Klea's grandfather. He's totally happy to meet everyone at last. Or so he says. Damien's just dropped in from . . . well, from some disreputable place, and he has good news, especially for Klea.
   Or maybe it's not such good news. And maybe he's not really happy to meet anyone at all and he's a jerk who's only visiting because he really, really needs his granddaughter to do something for him. Remember those oddball little magic tricks Klea used in Blood Tied II to speed up her homework? Well, there's a good reason why she can do stuff like this. To find out what it is, though, you'll have to keep up with the stories I post every Friday on Wattpad.
   I can give you one small hint. Klea and her boyfriend Gunther may soon be heading off on a quest. (Because if they don't, no one else in Klea's bewitched family is going to bother. It would be a shame if the world suddenly came to an end without somebody at least trying to stop it, wouldn't it?) 
   The first part of Blood Tied IV gets posted on Wattpad this Friday. Each story is getting expanded into a book. The first, Blood Tied I, is fast nearing completion. (Well, what else could I call it?)
   I'll be posting a preview video of this vampire adventure series to celebrate publication of the first book in October. Watch for it and a contest, too.

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