Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BookLinker Back To Normal

It was pleasant to log on this morning to realize BookLinker.net has reversed its position.

This is the email those who ordinarily use the service are receiving:

"This is just a quick email to let you know that we at BookLinker have reversed our decision to use advertising as a means to fund our service.

This means that all BookLinker links are now completely back to the way they were a few days ago - i.e. no advertising whatsoever. After having reviewed the situation, we are now uninanmously committed to an ad-free BookLinker forever.

Many thanks to those of you who provided us with feedback, and we have already refunded everyone who had already signed up for the premium plan. It was at least encouraging to realise just how much our service is appreciated! Best regards Richard @ BookLinker www.booklinker.net"

Richard, while you may be a whiz at the tech stuff, you and yours should put some effort into your public relations in future (as well, on your spelling and punctuation: this time 'unanimously' is spelled wrong). It makes me shiver sometimes to think of the wars poor language skills are going to cause in the future.

Enough said.

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