Monday, October 6, 2014

This is a stickup! BookLinker wants your cash!

   I blogged Saturday about a change that took me and numerous other Amazon associate authors by surprise. Without warning, has begun inserting spot advertisements between your book link and the potential customer who has clicked on your book.
   While I understand that everyone has to make a living, the lack of warning was unacceptable. And the new cost of using their service turns out to be unnecessarily high, particularly when there are alternatives out there that are still free.
   For those not in the know, short links are essentially short cuts to your books. When someone from another country spots your book on the internet, tapping on the link will take them directly to their country's Amazon site where your book is listed for sale. They can immediately buy your book without any jerking around. Read my earlier blog for more information. There are THREE alternative FREE short link services other writers have generously supplied for you in their comments.
   As you can imagine, I have run into no author who likes the idea of ads inserted between their book and the potential reader. I'm fairly new to such techie stuff, so I haven't yet bothered to insert universal links at the backs of all my books as more experienced indie writers have done. I'm nothing but grateful for that now. Think of all the authors with ten or more paperbacks as well as eBook editions who will have to republish their books to get rid of the link! ( is likely counting on this. No one's going to want to take on a time-intensive chore like that.) Boy, is this dirty.
   But as I said yesterday, even if authors bite the bullet and pay the fee they are requesting, the service is no longer so useful. Fewer potential readers will tap on a link if they suspect an ad lurking behind it, even if there's not.

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