Tuesday, November 18, 2014

    At some point all writers--if they're independently wealthy--turn most of the social media over to others. If they're not well-heeled, their wives get the chore. Sometimes the wives get the chore anyway, and it's my observation the smart ones are in there right from the start.
    There have been times in the past when I have envied the male writer with a devoted wife. I still do. Some things never change. Have you never realized that a large part of Stephen King's blinding success is due to his wife? An indefatigable editor ready to perform all the unpleasant little chores (there are always unpleasant little chores) that go along with marrying someone whose career revolves around sitting in a chair. (Not me, though--I'm still the ape who walks like a man--in other words, I write when I'm vertical. I'm actually toying with the idea of renaming this blog "Standing Room Only")
   Back to hidden partners in writing. As in pursuing a life of crime, Agatha Christie would tell you that it helps to have a partner in writing. When something goes wrong, it is the partner's task to correct it or to at least soften the blow when one is carted off to jail.
   Writing is a solo pursuit, but it is a lot less lonely when you have a cheering section, even if it's limited to a school monitor in Green Meadows, N.J. (Hello, Jerry. How are you doing today?) With all the social media outlets available, writers never need be lonely again. Unfortunately, talking to others who are also concerned about their writing is seductive. It's a much more attractive way to spend your time than actually writing.
   So I think it makes sense to limit the social media to some extent. Do not let it overwhelm your writing schedule. Set some specific hours aside for it instead. You won't be missing a thing.
   The internet isn't going anywhere, after all. And neither will you unless you get back to work. 

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