Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ducks In A Row For Publishing

     Before you publish, get all your ducks in a row.
     You knew that. I knew that, too. But for someone who is fond of aphorisms, I blew it last week by neglecting to follow this particularly important one to the max.
     The first book of my Blood Tied series was due out Oct 30 (I gave myself an extra day, thinking it would be out in time for Halloween).
     In the past couple of months, the mechanical side of the Amazonian robot arm has slowed down a bit, with authors complaining it's taking longer for the publishing process to complete. As well, I should have realized that horror authors of any kind (carrying black candles for luck) would naturally gravitate towards a Halloween launch and be clogging the system. Whereas my books ordinarily achieve takeoff in 12 hours and less, I did not get manage to get Blood Tied I launched on time.
     Worse, when I did, I took a penultimate look at it and decided I was not satisfied.
     Not satisfied? There were no visible flaws as per punctuation or grammar; no especial cliches; no reason to agonize.
     But as I read through it, I had to be honest. I knew it wasn't the best book I could produce. Subtleties occurred to me as I read. Companion ideas blossomed. Side shoots grew and flowered. The book, I realized with dismay, had NOT been ready. In my experience, a book is not ready for publication until you cannot stand the sight of it. I rather liked this one still and I knew that was a bad sign, not a good sign.
     I hit the unpublish button almost faster than I had hit its opposite.
     Stay tuned for the real thing. Quack, quack.

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