Wednesday, November 26, 2014


    It has dawned on me to do something with the stories I've felt compelled to write over the past two weeks. For the uninitiated, they're a cross between Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Goosebumps For Adults. Nothing too bloody or sexy (though some are certainly designed to scare the pants off you).
    Short stories, I have decided, are a good way to show off your style. The one to your right is free on Thursday and Friday.
Click here: and you'll be able to download it as well as take a look at four other stories in the same series.
     I have to admit I'm surprised there is still so little in the way of gate-keeping for books on the Internet. I want things to stay free and open as much as the next person, but I did expect copious sites recommending good books and warning of bad ones.
   These gatekeeper book sites are starting to increase now, I think, because readers certainly want them. Need them, even. There are far too many books being published with exciting covers and disappointing stories inside (and, of course, these are the same books honey-basted with tasty five-star reviews). It's sad to think of how many good books are going undiscovered as readers flounder through the junk.
     I can only recommend readers take full advantage of Amazon's Look Inside Feature wherever it is offered. I know I do. It's your only chance to see if the interior story is likely to live up to the promise of its outer cover. Readers who live in countries without access to this feature should check out books they're interested in on the U.S. Amazon site FIRST. They will be automatically redirected back to their own country if they decide to purchase a book anyway.
     Happy reading.

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