Friday, November 7, 2014

Haste Makes Waste When Writing A Book Series

     So now I'm done. Blood Tied I, the book, launched unseen whilst I was sleeping overnight. It is available at:
     So what have I learned from being a full week late in publishing this eBook? (There's always a lesson to be gleaned after you've screwed up--the bigger the mistake, the bigger the lesson.)
     I've learned to never expect to publish ANYTHING within a day or two of a holiday. That is when the editorial gremlins are most likely to screw up the logistical end of things. If you simply must publish at holiday time (say you have a 1001-ways-to-use-up-turkey-leftovers cookbook), then do it a full week in advance.
     I've also learned the logistics of writing a book series is markedly different from writing a one-off novel or story.
     But while I'm aware of established and successful authors out there who think nothing of periodically updating books they have already written, I'd prefer not to do that.
     What kind of a dog's breakfast would the world's great literature be if its writers had constantly changed it? It makes me shudder to picture a razor-sharp thinker like Voltaire, grown doddering with age at last, whipping out his laptop in a senile panic and changing everything.
     No, far better to get it right the first time. My book simply wasn't ready--not if I intended it to gallop ahead as the advance vehicle of a lengthy book series, at least. Better to make one change now rather than 14 changes later. My preliminary characters--I write character-driven plots and as a consequence find the reins ripped out of my hands as early on as the first chapter--had gone in unexpected (but useful) directions. Yelling at them had done no good. No, if I was to have any chance at all of catching hold again, there were a few crucial changes to incorporate.
     I'm content now with what I've written. The plot has thickened so the entire series should be a more exciting ride for the reader.
     And much more fun than lying under an overturned wagon for me. 

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