Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mouse In The Wall Free Story Download

     We have to stop meeting like this. Again, another off-schedule post to let you know about a freebie I have running today. Mouse In The Wall is the third in a series of stories I keep picking away at when I'm not working on Blood Tied II.
Lately, I've taken to writing short stories with a vengeance. I always did like writing them, from the time I was in grade school. Back then I thought that, along with poetry, they would provide enough income for me to get by on when I was older (hahahahah--but note that even at ten years of age, I wasn't crazy enough to think anyone ever made a living writing poetry).
     I stopped writing short stories with reluctance in later years, after reading over and over again that length was what fiction readers wanted to buy.
     Luckily, thanks to the borrowing setup currently favored by Amazon, another golden age of short stories is underway (along with a deluge of three-page booklets on how to make a million dollars in six hours). This hasn't been in evidence since the days of 1930s genre pulp magazines.
     Suits me. And I don't feel anywhere near as bad putting short stories up as free samples as I do when it's books. So it's a win-win situation for us all.
     Just to warn you, I have a very English sense of humor (meaning it's as dry as a bone). You can expect some very bleak humor in this story as well as the others in the series. So click on the link in the first paragraph for some free entertainment. You're welcome.  

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