Sunday, February 22, 2015

High Standards & Low Expectations

   I'm in a wildly good mood today so I think I'll scout around for a picture to throw in here. This is how it looks in my neck of the woods except the snow hasn't quite gone just yet.
I could probably find a few early pussy willows if I went outside and poked around for a bit, but I'm happy enough to be warm and sickly inside.
   It doesn't take much to make me happy--selling the odd non-fiction piece without any problems after months of struggling along with fiction is enough to have me walking on sunshine for a few days, at least until the novelty wears off. Dissatisfaction is a stimulant, too, but too much of it is not a good thing for writers. The best writing usually includes some kind of a resolution, if not an outright ending, after all--there ought to be a point of some kind to your writing, a reason for fashioning your story in the first place, don't you think?
   At some point in your writing life you have to sit back--preferably in a comfortable rocking chair--and figure out just what it is you want from writing. A modest amount of money and a few entertained readers is all I'm looking for--more is always nice, of course, but it's not a priority. What IS a priority for me is to be able to write out of the home instead of having to plunge back into the madness of working for others. Being at the mercy of others has become an awful thing to me--I understand now why so many small business owners are willing to make next to nothing so long as they can work for themselves.
     As I've said, time is the biggest luxury there is for creative types--having that kind of freedom is what the writing life is really all about, whether you`re keeping yourself to a sixteen-hour writing schedule or playing hookey in a meadow. So keep your writing standards high and your expectations low. Everything else that comes along is a genuine bonus.

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