Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sea Change In Order After No ABNA 2015

I ordinarily hold myself to posting at least once a week. But the sudden news of no ABNA 2015 was like trying to fall asleep on a pea the size of Gibraltar for me. I simply could not rest until I found a way to fully cope with it. So that's where I've been all this time. Coping. Posting for the sake of bitching alone isn't my style; at least, not unless I can offer a viable solution or two for other writers.

While others are still hoping Amazon will bring the contest back, I don't happen to think we'll ever see such a competition again. It served its purpose--attracting oodles of authors to the Amazon site--and it's done. End of story.

I was particularly miffed to lose the competition. Winning was a nice dream, of course, but I had figured out a way to maximize just entering the contest. I'd worked out an entire ad campaign of how to increase overall book and short story sales as my 2015 entry made its way higher in the ABNA rankings. Last year I was a complete novice at the ins and outs of ebook publishing as well as ABNA, but boy, was I ready for this competition. As well, as a non-American author, it's already harder to get noticed by readers. Like it or not, America dominates the market in North America and being a big company, Amazon will always focus on the money.

Like a lot of authors, American and non-American, I had watched my sales dwindle with the advent of Kindle Unlimited. I'd been hanging on until the ABNA competition (and in hindsight, I realize now that Amazon would have anticipated authors doing just this thing. It explains why they waited so long to tell us--again, in a suspiciously quiet way--that there was no competition this year, doesn't it? They've pulled the threads bitching about the lack of a contest out of CreateSpace now, too. It's like the contest never existed. ABNA? What's that?)

I had already removed my full-length books from automatic sign-up. Now, instead of throwing them back into KU as I had planned to do when this year's contest began, I took them out and put them into Draft2Digital. I have one more book to go. I have left my short stories in KU, but that's it. By the by, if anyone is wondering, Draft2Digital really is a refreshingly easy way to post your books on a multitude of sites for book buyers.

I was only mildly interested this week to read the announcement that Amazon is now offering Kindle Unlimited to Canadians for $9.99 (this is equivalent to $8.99 U.S.). We may be getting a cheaper deal, but we're also getting more limited offerings. So many authors have taken their books out of KU that I would only sign up if I wanted to read short stories. (I'm sure not the only one who has taken my books out and left my stories in.) And last week's announcement of the new advertising campaign isn't something I buy into either. If I want to spend more money on my writing, I'll buy better covers. More and more writers are forgetting the writing and focusing almost totally on selling widgets. Look at some of the conversation threads in KDP about this and you'll swear they're talking about how many refrigerators they can move.

It's important to me that I stay writing full-time, but I've also needed to start making some money. I don't mind living a barer existence than most. I don't mind foregoing luxuries one whit so long as I have the biggest luxury of all--my own time to do with as I please. So along with not leaving all my books in one basket, I began non-fiction writing again in recent weeks, but this time on line.

I've already made more with that in less than one month than I did selling my fiction books and stories over one year! (And yes, I wasn't making very much money at selling e-book fiction--I just started a bare year ago and I said it was hard to get noticed, didn't I?) This is both a relief and also annoying after knocking myself out for a solid year on the fiction end of things. I know I can write. I just don't think anyone's ever going to notice the cute little iceboxes I have up for sale with all these monstrous two-door refrigerators kicking around.

Nonfiction writing will allow me to squeeze enough time out to write more fiction and hope for better days. I can work on my Blood Tied series and keep going while a lot of writers, sadly, are having to go back to their day jobs.

Don't play dead until you have to. And learn how to stare down a fridge. Especially the ones made in America.


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